it’s lobsterrific

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching ScyFy Channel’s made-for-tv movie, Sharknado.

This got me thinking. If marine life revenge + wind storm hybrid movies are going to be a up-and-coming new genre of entertainment, a Lobsterricane movie could be a great hit. It could also be the third of the Wall Street movie series, starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

The plot: It’s set in New York after the financial crisis, and lobsters are flooding the market due to low demand. An unexpected hurricane hits the east coast, and disgruntled lobsters take their revenge on Wall Street.

The key art:


(This artwork is something I created for fun and has no actual relation to the Wall Street movies. I also do not claim any rights to the images used.)

In case you’re not familiar with Sharknado, see trailer below:

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2 thoughts on “it’s lobsterrific

  1. Mark Lambert says:

    You’ve got the poster and casting … I did a trailer … love it!

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