There’s a first time for everything

I’m not sure if there was an exact event that triggered me to show art, but I hit a point where it had to be done, or I would be doomed. I’ve made art consistently since I was 2 or 3, but was always reluctant to show anyone, even my family. The first time I showed some of my pieces was at the Canoga Park Art Walk in 2012. The fee to show was low, and they weren’t  discriminating. My experience was no less than disastrous – I had as many friends attend as possible to divert my attention from the judging that would occur within those hours.

A funny story: since the galleries don’t have restrooms, I walked to a local aquarium store to use theirs (a bad decision), where I was met with bins stacked to the ceilings filled with crickets and mice. “Contained,” they said. That was an overstatement.

Well, here’s a photo as proof. I don’t know if I’ll ever show like this again. It was a spontaneous act of self expression, and for me, quite painful and draining.


Undoubtedly, I’ll be back in 2013.

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