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nin // mom

i learned to persevere
with sword over my heart
i kept my heart guarded
behind steel blades
but now that i wear my heart
so close to my hands
my fingers have become tough
with work and hard calls
i’ve learned to annihilate
with grace
so this heart can live


i didn’t know
and you couldn’t show me
how to live


now that the dark places are gone
do we just
instantly become angels?

everything we know
is not so easily forgotten.


sometimes painful
to pull the thorns from
inside your bony cage
and interrupt
white space


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Pivot Point

The introduction of a thing
Upon which
Everything must change.


A ride down Skid Row

Draw a thin line down skid row
Weave through asymmetrical gaits
Wildness gathered in packs

I am riding my bicycle
as fast as I can
Breathing in the rotten air
and smiling.

Tighten Your Straps! -and- Progress is real.

Remember this thing from years ago? Back then I realized I was just discovering my voice, that I had something to say at all. I set out with some india ink and two small brushes to say all these things on an epic quest to… just be myself. It’s funny how simply being is a quest at all, but that’s a thought for another day.

I made this little drawing as an ode to women who work hard, women who ride, and women who are ready for anything. I received a lot of positive feedback, and that made me pretty happy for a while, that someone had heard what I had to say.



But then, I thought “Hmm. This could be better.” And so with the skills I’ve been honing over the past couple years, I made this new and improved version of the same words. I’m making it into an 18×24″ poster. For anyone who wants to purchase it, you can on preorder through

Love you all,


Tighten Your Straps - 18" x 24" poster

Tighten Your Straps – 18″ x 24″ poster

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New Art : Peace, Love and Pussy (in the form of a pink tank top)

Here’s a new design and tank top I made for my climbing brand, Dynamite Starfish. I thought it might be good to share it here as well since it’s not climbing specific.

I’m usually not politically driven, but I do think that human advancement and technology have allowed us this necessary thing called birth control, and no person or organization should have the right to take that away.

So here’s to peace, and love, and the right to do whatever the f*ck you want with your wild, fierce, ferocious pussy. Oh, and proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood, because they’re continuing to do the good work they do, federally funded or not.


Peace Love Pussy

Peace Love Pussy

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Two new pieces for the Co-Lab Gallery’s $100 show

If you find yourself in Highland Park this Friday, you may want to drop in at the Co-Lab Gallery! They put on a great show, and there’s one coming up this week!

Here are a couple of pieces I contributed. They’re up for purchase at the gallery, $100 each. Acrylic on wood.

Event Details
5319 York Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90042

See you there!

Leslie Sam Kim Ocotillo painting

Leslie Sam Kim Like It's Stolen painting

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Package Design for Jo’s Candies

Here’s a little update on a project that’s been months in the making. Way back when (in January of this year) I was commissioned to create some new packaging for 70-year old chocolate company, Jo’s Candies. With a rich Southern California history and a huge range of products, this was probably one of my largest, and tastiest projects to date.

Jo's Candies Snack Pouches

Jo’s Candies Snack Pouches

RH Macy's Holiday Tins

Jo’s Candies for RH Macy’s Holiday Tins

Jo's Candies Cranberry Almond Bark Giftable Tin

Jo’s Candies Cranberry Almond Bark Giftable Tin

Jo's Candies S'mores Giftable Tin

Jo’s Candies S’mores Giftable Tin

Jo's Candies Everyday Products

Jo’s Candies Bourbon Salted Caramels and Honey Grahams Display Box.

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